The Australian LightWing SPEED

The Australian LightWing SPEED
2 and 4 Seater Ultralight SPORT Aircraft

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Recent Cowra Fly In September 2010

Did we see you at Cowra, if not see you at Temora 2011 (late April) ??

Cowra was small, well, ok personal, with many aircraft unable to get through the clag down south.

Fantastic aerobatics and a display by the Avenger, we had fun and a great talk from Keith Englesmon at the Saturday night dinner, Rick Harper (who has a fly-in coming up on 2nd and 3rd at the Old Bar) did a great job Mc-ing the dinner, I had a little fun introducing Keith....

On introducing Keith Englesmon, my comments were far too blue for one lady who told me off. I couldn't understand this as Rick had referred to topics like oral sex in his talk and he didn't seem to attract the same castigation from this lady, he told this great yarn, I'm not sure if its true but it goes like this..............

On stepping onto the lunar surface way back when, Neil Armstrong said the bit about "one small step for man etc. etc... but he also went on to say, " and this is for Mr Gorsky".... this was edited out of the recorded footage.

It seems that when Neil Armstrong was a 10 year old and Mr and Mrs Gorsky lived next door (Mr Gorsky by the way, is reported to have built a 10 seat 4 engined aircraft back in 1910 in Russia, but that's another story ), Mr Gorsky's wife Mrs Gorsky was heard to say.......... " oral'll get oral sex when that kid next door walks on the moon !!", this has recently been made public since Mr Gorsky died !

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