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The Australian LightWing SPEED
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Our first Blog!

Hello. Welcome to The Hughes Group BLOG. January 2009.

You will notice that the Australian LightWing Website already has a diary page, documenting the aircraft and projects underway in our factory. Therefore, this blog will be dedicated more towards an ongoing discussion in the Hughes Group company, about working towards a ‘green revolution', within our company, and also taking it out into our community, the country and world.

Sure. We've changed all our light bulbs to the halogen variety. We use recycled paper in out office, we knocked a few walls out so now we don't use the air conditioner. We recycle the cartridges used by our printers and we shut down equipment overnight. All healthy steps, we believe, to a greener company.

But we believe it is the small company's, with big visions, like ours, that will lead others and be a part of the change required in people, and corporations alike, to offer solutions for problems that are globally growing out of our control.

We don't have all the answers. We are not claiming to even have some. But we are throwing some ideas into the mix and hoping to inspire, lobby, fight and push for change. From our little grass roots company, from our humble beginnings, have taken us around the world. Now its time to give some back.

In the interests of contribution towards climate change solutions, we now propose to add a light electric road vehicle to our inventory of manufactured products.

The ‘Roadie' as we call it, will be driven by state of the art electronics and will feature an ultra-sleek and ultra-light aerodynamic body. Driving with a single steering wheel with two steer able wheels, and yes, there are a lot of similarities between the body of our ‘Roadie' and our Australian LightWing SP-2000 aircraft.

As of the end of 2008, we believe we are the only company to be seriously designing and developing a light electric vehicle in Australia. Whilst there are a number of designs around the world and in Australia, we believe Hughes Engineering not only to be the only Australian company actively pursuing this goal but we are the only company capable of achieving a viable solution to non-polluting, short trip, personal road transport.