The Australian LightWing SPEED

The Australian LightWing SPEED
2 and 4 Seater Ultralight SPORT Aircraft

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cowra SAAA Convention Fly-In

We hope to see you at Cowra SAAA National Convention and fly-in on 17 and 18 September 2010.
Here's all the information you will need to visit the Convention!

Available now FOR DELIVERY .. new SP-2000 (nose-wheel) with Glass Cockpit including artificial terrain on 10" screen, variable in-flight pitch prop, (120 kt cruise at 20lph fuel burn) X-Com vhf radio, electric flaps, carb heat, leather upholstery, Firgelli - ALW 3 axis stick controlled trim and lots more features, to have a look at this brilliant aircraft and also have a look at our beautiful region click here! , by the way, we may discount your airfare to Ballina if you purchase an SP-2000 soon!

Color: white with highlights and wheel fairings, DISCOUNT price AUD $145,000 inc GST, deduct 10% for export, add $1,900 for packing and shipping for export.

For a basic SP-2000 with no extras $118,000 ex GST

The hand built SPEED Range has been designed to compete head to head with imported 2 and four seat fully built and kit aircraft, the difference being that the SP Range is 100% Australian made, with Australian backup, repair and spare parts.

Enjoy a test flight in the SP-2000 priced from $95 for a 20 min flight to $175 for 50 mins, see Ballina and Byron Bay from the air. Your choice of a cup of locally brewed coffee or tea is included.

Call Howie on the mobile 0433580047 to book your flight and / or discuss a great deal on this new Australian made aircraft.

What the others regard as extras, we fit as standard !

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