The Australian LightWing SPEED

The Australian LightWing SPEED
2 and 4 Seater Ultralight SPORT Aircraft

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recreational Aviation Pioneer 2010

On Saturday, the 3rd of April 2010, the Ra-Aus (Recreational Aviation of Australia) awarded Howard Hughes of 'Hughes Group of Companies' in Ballina, the recognition of achievement as a “Recreational Aviation Pioneer 2010”. He was acknowledged for over twenty-five years contributing to the Australian Aviation Industry. The award was presented at the National RA-Aus Temora Airshow in southern NSW.

Howard (Howie) Hughes and his team have been manufacturing the Australian LightWing two and four seat aircraft range for twenty-five years. After beginning in a colourful career based in architecture, he then included boat building, hang gliding, building trawlers in Ballina in the 80's, and more recently:- electric green cars, catamarans, computer software and back to architecture into his repertoire of interests and passions. Howard has been involved, inspirational and eccentric and always focused on sharing his passions with fellow enthusiasts and local and international schools and university aeronautical programs.

The Hughes Group of Companies is a family owned and operated group, with supporting staff who are just as involved and dedicated to their projects. Nick Hughes, Howard's son, is your 'aircraft dictionary' on aircraft repair, parts and service. Shelly Hughes, Howard's daughter, creates all things digital for the company's products, with a background in music recording.

We would like thank the Ra-Aus for the acknowledgement of Howard's achievements and accomplishments, and would like to raise a toast to the next twenty five years in Australia's thriving aviation community.

Thank you!

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