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The Australian LightWing SPEED
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

'The Roadie' Blog Page

Hughes Group of Companies had a team (2009 / 2010 of three French Work Experience Students, Dorian Martinez, Nael Montouchet and Eric Turion, visiting from ISAE (Institut Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace).

Their visit here will be focused mainly on the design and manufacture of 'The Roadie',
an electric powered car, with a difference.

Follow their progress and express your ideas and interest on the Roadie's Blog Page:


  1. I have recently returned from a year in Europe. I am totally convinced of the need for a two-seater electric vehicle.

    The Europeans have a few bicycle manufacturers who have some runs on the board but their background is high-tech road bicycles. You appear to come at it from the aircraft industry - I like that - high tech, strong engineering design and aerodynamics - important attributes.

    I believe that the governments of Australia should support the creation of a revolutionary new industry in our country - the Light Electric Vehicle (no rip-off of a company name in USA working with new battery technology).

    I have been following the Aptera story (your Roadie looks quite similar).

    Is there anyway that I can help you in this exciting venture ?

  2. Bon Jour Mes Amis !

    It is great to have the three musketeers working on the Roadie. Progress is very strong and much faster than I imagined.

    I did some quick caluclations - chicken feed to the French aviators I am certain:

    You need around 6kW power to keep a mass of 500kg travelling at 60 kph with Cd 0.35, tyre rolling resistance of 0.01 and cross-sectional area of 3 m^2.

    So the specifications of the Roadie are similar but I must say it has lower Cd, more full power, less weight but if you can get this to work - it will magnifique !

    I will keep an eye on progress. Again if I can do anything to help please advise. I am based in Newcastle not too far away from Hughes.

    Amicalement - Houdini

  3. Well the three musketeers are on their way to la belle France. The Roadie is looking very good - strong and streamlined.
    I look forward to the net phase as the motor and the batteries are added to the chassis.
    Late 2009 and early 2010 look very exciting for a really innovative vehicle. I am looking forward to seeing it on the road.

    Good luck mes amis !


  4. Hi,
    The roadie's concept is looking wonderful and the initial design is looking excellent.I hope they come with efficient electric car.

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